About Us
About Us

Envision-It! is an initiative of
Process Enhancement Partners, Inc.,
N.C. Cuthbert LLC. and
PMB Consulting.

Envision-It! consultants guide our client-partners through today’s challenging business environment with knowledge, confidence and precision. Combining our broad experience with your enthusiasm and business aspirations, we work with your team(s) to design, create, and help you implement organizational infrastructure; business methods, models, and procedures; as well as, engineering  and management processes that promote success today and into the future.

Our solutions are different, built upon 25+ years of demonstrated success. We have helped hundreds of organizations around the world create new enterprises as well as improve and expand existing businesses.  We have, also, designed, created and implemented coaching/mentoring programs to help Industry Associations (in Jordan, Poland, Lebanon, and Armenia).

Whether it is for an association (industry group) or a single firm, our consultant coaches work diligently to transfer their knowledge and expertise into your organization, to ensure both long term self-sufficiency and success. At the same time, we collaborate and guide you in ‘proven’ methods and techniques that solve your current challenges and replace them with state-of-the-art solutions and practices.

Put most simply, we care and are invested in your success.

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