Education & Seminars

Education, Courses, Certifications
Education, Courses, Certifications

The Envision-It! Team offers numerous formal and customized education programs to augment and accelerate its mentoring activities and enhance our client/ partners’ skill sets.

Although this listing is by no means complete, it includes some of the topic areas we are typically asked to address in our programs:

  • Building effective organizations and staff
  • Managing and coping with change
  • Business development
  • International Marketing Basics
  • Accounting for Non-financial Managers
  • Developing good organizational business processes
  • Successfully understanding, deploying, and using Industry Standards (e.g., 6 Sigma, ISO, CMMI, Agile, etc.)
  • Preparing for successful standards audits & appraisals
  • Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Workshops
  • Intro to CMMI-DEV & SVC (1.3)- CMMI licensed offering
  • Competing effectively in the global market
  • Improving existing business processes
  • Creating a positive and profitable work environment and business
  • Team Building Workshops
  • and more…


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